EMEE: Young Scenographers Contest

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Catalogue of the Travelling Exhibition

The “Eurovision – Museums Exhibiting Europe”(EMEE) project explores an innovative interdisciplinary approach for national and regional museums to reinterpret their objects in a broader context of european and trans-national history. The necessary theoretical and practical framework is developed, put into practice and evaluated by an international, trans-sectorial network bringing together the creative excellence of museums, cultural workers, scientists and designers. The EMEE Young Scenographers Contest with the motto “One Object – Many Visions – Eurovisions” was an international and interdisciplinary design competition and part of the research project EMEE. The core idea was the EMEE concept “Change of Perspective” (COP), a method for re-interpreting objects and object groups revealing the complex diversity of meanings. responsible for the concept, International students and young professionals of design, scenography, architecture and other creative disciplines, as well as museum and cultural studies were invited to create ideas and develop design concepts for staging museum objects and topics in a trans-regional european context applying the EMEE concept of COP. This way the simultaneous appreciation of objects as elements of the local, regional, national and european culture heritage can be experienced. at the same time the goal was to find new trans-cultural approaches for contentconsistent design concepts and new, contemporary formats of presentation. The contest also aimed to experience the perception of young and ambitious designers: how do the younger generation perceive europe? How would they approach european cultural heritage? Which objects would they choose, And how would they present them within a european context?

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Uwe R Brückner, Linda Greci


Ruedi Baur, Pamela C. Scorzin (Epilog)


Taschenbuch, 128 Seiten, Digital


edition mono/monochrom (7. Mai 2015)







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