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“TECHNOSENSUAL. where fashion meets technology” presents electronic couture created by international haute-tech designers and engineers and celebrates the variety and growing significance of electronic couture within the field of fashion and technology. As the selected projects showcase their beauty, entertain the audience with flirtation and stories, enhance the body with a new layer of interactivity, or simply embrace the poetics that electronics and mechanics have to offer, they also create a new platform from which questions arise. In a future where electronics are predicted to be embedded in everyday objects, like our surroundings and garments, what changes will appear? And, perhaps most pertinently, how will we socialize in our world when we are supervised by technology? By taking a close look at the world of technologically enhanced garments, TECHNOSENSUAL’s aim is to explore the social, emotional, psychological and cultural impacts these wearable and sensory technologies can have on our society. The published ‚TECHNOSENSUAL. where fashion meets technology‘ catalog functions as an reference; an informing overview of the pieces on display, behind-the-scenes commentary by a selection of artist-in-residency’s, and an inside look into the set-up phase of the exhibition. And is an playful introduction and a new approach to ‚intelligent fashion‘ that possibly dominates the new century.

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Anouk Wipprecht, Günther Friesinger


edition mono / monochrom 2012


19 x 23 cm, 120 Seiten, mit Abbildungen 4C





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