Shlomit Schatzmayr – DreamLand


Who am I? A question every human being has asked. Through art and the artist, the identity a person has created can be transformed in new ways. Visual transformations have an effect on our mind too, so they become forms of transmutation. It is an act of total trust, to let a visual creator use your body in an art matter. The touch as a physical or non-physical sense, has an important role in that game. The touch we mostly know, is connected with people we love, or with doctors, therapists. The touch of an artist on your bare skin has only pure transformative intentions. It is a strange, beautiful constellation of an artist being a creator, observing its creation and the creation observing the artist in the process of creating. This is possible only when working with living creatures. Shlomit Schatzmayr is a brave artist. She is strong enough to be experimental, to break the boundaries of classical beauty perceptions and expand them in new ways. She mixes visual structures in a harmony of soft and rough, dark and shiny, pure and gloomy. Her work represents a dreamy version of the duality of our world. The best way for a candlelight to glow is in the dark. Enjoy the wonderful, otherworldly journey in her beautiful book.

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Günther Friesinger


Günther Friesinger, Bella Vohlen, Shlomit Schatzmayr


Shlomit Schatzmayr

Graphic Design

Shlomit Schatzmayr


edition mono/monochrom


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